The day i discovered that i wanted to “draw” in an instant sensations and situations in a “click” i knew that was time to show anyone “the reflection of the soul in an instant” “my passion shown in photo had come. Florence was born in me the desire to cherish every step for its monuments.

Barcelona found my enthusiasm for perfection, make photo like”tattoo” their feelings of cosmopolitan urbanites life. In Formentera grew my desire to investigate nature, living beings and soul moving.

Formentera Photography simply hopes that his images will help highlight the beauty and importance of our natural history and the environment on which we depend…

profesional photography


I love when  i open your web, and i listen music of BBface Marina & The Beatroots accompanying these spectacular images.

Marina BBface & The Beatroots
Group Music

Me encanta formentera y vuestra página tiene unas fotos fantásticas.

David Despau

La enhorabuena por vuestra web, es muy visualmente muy hermosa!

Hierbas de Ibiza Perfumes

Enhorabuena por vuestra página. Hemos estado echandole un vistazo y la verdad es que tenéis fotografías absolutamente espectaculares 🙂

Virtual Tour



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