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Essència de Formentera

Fragància del blau cristal·lí que envolta aquest petit paradís del Mediterrani. Image are under copyright © formentera photography

House Of Sillage

Haute parfumerie House of Sillage will debut their Limited Edition Private Collection Luxury Travel Perfume Spray this fall. Inspired by a moment of sheer bliss during a hot tropical night on a remote island in the South Pacific, the artfully-designed piece resembles an emerald-green gecko climbing a beautiful exotic flower. […]

Hierbas de Ibiza Perfumes

The family-run company Hierbas de Ibiza Perfumes has been bottling the essence of Ibiza for decades for the delight of thousands of men and women all over the world. It´s legendary and liberating fragrance continues to amass both famous and anonymous enthusiasts year after year. Hierbas de Ibiza has become […]

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