There are two ways of getting to Esplamador: one is by boat covering the route from the port of Formentera to Illetas and then arriving on Espalmador; or you can cover it by swimming the distance separating the two islands (provided weather and tide allow).

The best-known beach on this island is “Platja de S’Alga”, which is very large taking into account the size of the island and is considered a natural harbour because of its closed shape.

Esplamador S'Alga

The watch tower (Sa Guardiola Tower) standing on the highest point observes the passage of tourists along the coast of the island, who must not forget that it is private property and, as such, must be respected – even more so considering that it is considered a natural park because of the great variety of fauna and flora living there.

That is why no restaurants or similar establishments can be found on the island, as they are entirely prohibited. However, this makes the idea of visiting this little island and its beaches, which have not been altered by man, even more attractive.

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