Posidonia Oceanica

These waters conceal one of the most important marine reserves of Posidonia oceanica in the world , which are recognized by Heritage . The conservation and improvement defend the seagrass meadows of the Ses Salines Natural Park is one of the main objectives of Formentera Photograhy. There is sea grass beds , because contrary to what you think, Posidonia oceanica is a marine plant with root, stem , flowers and seeds, which serves to keep oxygenated water , pure and clear , plus be a refuge to countless marine species. Posidonia is a meadow full of life, which is threatened by the lack of sensitivity and care, by yacht owners , captains and recreational patterns , and local authorities. Formentera Photography  assists in the dissemination and awareness of Posidonia oceanica to an environment that is all, which is a national park and biodiversity provides us wealth and quality of life .

For more information, visit: http://lifeposidonia.caib.es/user/home.htm

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